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Jerosse 婕樂纖 Review: Snow White 水光錠

Editor’s Note: Collagen is present thus not suitable for Vegetarians/ Vegans.



  • 1 BOX (60 tablets) – S$88 each
  • 3 BOX (VIP PRICE) – S$80 each

So apparently, was trying out this microbusiness with a few friends together and introducing some items which works for me and the friends.

Jerosse – Snow White Product Showcase at 女人我最大

One of the item that my friend sworn by would be the Snow White product (Apparently I can’t take this due to the Collagen content that is not suitable for Vegetarians/ Vegans.)

Jerosse – Snow White Product Showcase at 女人我最大

As age is catching up, wrinkles are showing up almost everywhere on the face, neck and hands. Worst, having stretchmarks have become battle scars that took great lengths to remove (not forgetting the expensive costs); the people within my age group (early 30s) are stocking up skincare relating to anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing series, stepping up on routine and finding ways to lock in the youthful self. Some even go to the extend to “overhaul” with medical injections that can enhance the beauty.

Apparently, they have forgot the true basic of;

You are what you eat.”

– Inner Self (LOL)

And this such routine is something that the Japanese strongly embrace (thus their good skin complexion). The Taiwanese went through many efforts to work with Researchers to come out with the final product, “Snow White“.

Let’s take a look at its benefits:

It was said that, “1 box of Snow White = 8 x Invasive Intradermal Skin Booster Injection (NO Surgery, NO injection).” CHEAPER than Botox and definitely for those who are afraid of injections.

Snow White is effective in:

  • Moisturizing skin, face, joints & improve eye lenses.
  • Whitening and Brightening
  • Firming & Reducing wrinkles
  • Lightening pigmentation
  • Reducing Acne & Inflammation
  • Minimizing Pores

HOW TO CONSUME? Morning and Night 1 Caplet after Meal


  • Formulated & Manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Award winning brand in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan TV Show-The Queen (女人我最大) recommended.
  • FDA Japan, SGS ,JFRL & Kewpie Corporation Certified.
  • Natural Ingredients.
  • 99.99% Purity Oral Hyaluronic Acid Supplement.
  • Acid Resistant for Maximum Absorption.
  • Moisturising, Brightening & Improving Skin Elasticity.
  • Lighten Dark Spot, Pigmentations & Stretch Mark.

Notes: Suitable for Pregnant Ladies and Breastfeeding Mummies. Great remedy for stretchmarks. 😘🤰

So apparently, the presence of the Hyabest Hyaluronic Acid helps with keeping the skin supple and “QQ” haha. I think the best thing that my friend did was to lighten the stretchmarks after 3 months of using.

More on Hyabest Hyaluronic Acid

Some testimonials:

Testimonials from User who used Snow White to treat the burnt scars.
Just 6 Days to Fairer Skin!
User shared that 3 days of usage has helped to improve on the skin conditions.

Cheaper than the 水光针 and Botox! And personally I feel for lazy people who doesn’t step up on facial routines, skincare products, this could be your saviour!


  • 1 BOX (60 tablets) – S$88 each
  • 3 BOX (VIP PRICE) – S$80 each