Healing, Heartbreaks


I guessed time won’t heal, it’s more of who will be getting more insignificant as the days go by. I had this terrible feelings within me that talking to my friends can’t heal. Sometimes I wonder if I’m able to express myself. The wound is still fresh and I seriously hate the word “circuit breaker” and I’m pushing my limits to make my reactions smaller.

I totally believe in the word, KARMA and I starting to hate women who are out there, breaking people/ families apart. But, I hate cheaters more now.

I sometimes asked and doubted myself – what and where had gone wrong?

Chanced upon this post via Facebook and I’m stroke.







所以女人一定要好好愛自己 ,與其整天擔心男人出軌,不如好好裝扮自己,愛護自己~


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