Healing, Heartbreaks, Rants


Life is full of irony. When I’m younger, I was constantly hoping to grow up fast. However when I’m older. I just want to wish upon the stars that I can turn back time, to 3 months ago or 3 years back.

I wonder if I can travel back in time, what would I tell my younger self in my 17/ 18/ 19 years old?

Perhaps I would need to set some time to rethink about life.

In the meantime, just continue to hassle.

I decided to come back to this post as I couldn’t have spend any seconds longer alone.

I thought about the hurt since 29 May and its still vividly present in my brain and heart till this moment. I seriously hope that I can forgive more and forget more too.

If I can ever tell my younger self back then I would have said the followings 10 stuffs.

  1. Follow your heart and chase your dreams. Being young is an advantage.
  2. Stand up for what’s right and stay firmed in your principles.
  3. Self love and care is important.
  4. Take photos with people who matter because one day all would be memories.
  5. Just keep a group of close friends near your side will do. True friends are hard to come by.
  6. Learn to forgive and have a bigger heart. Life is all about life and death. Nothing else matters. Learn to move on from the wrong person and do not waste your time on it.
  7. Have a savings plan. Don’t build card debts.
  8. Travel because it will definitely open up your horizons.
  9. Make efforts to spend time with family and your love ones.
  10. Take a break whenever you feel like because breaks tend to be a sacre commodity as we aged.

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