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[VFood Review] Lucky Cat Cafe (Japanese Vegetarian)

Address: 35 Hougang Ave 3, #01-02, Singapore 538840 (Situated within Hougang Community Club | Open in Google Maps)
Payment: Cash, PayNow and PayLah!
Operating Hours: Daily, 09:00am – 10:00pm (Kitchen will be closed during 2pm to 5pm on Monday to Friday. Last Order for Kitchen at 08.30pm and for Bar at 09.00pm)
Vegan’s Notes: Vegan options available here. Please inform when ordering.

So apparently, I was browsing through Facebook and chanced upon Keith‘s Post on Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine and the bonus – it’s in my old hood and stone thrown from my mum’s. Being a Jap-Food fanatic, I am excited to find out if this place could be my new hangout place other than Teng Bespoke or Herbivore.

As you would have known by now – the parking is fuss free with ample lots at the nearby open carpark at Blk 24, Hougang Ave 3, Postal Code: S530024

Turn into Blk 24 Carpark along Hougang Ave 3

Gentle reminder that you need to enter via the other entrance instead of the one facing the carpark. I love the cafe’s rustic yet ZEN ambience.

Lucky Cat Cafe’s Entrance

It kind of reminded me of some Taiwanese Teahouse (I miss Taiwan!) And the staff are friendly and helpful. Our orders as follows:

#1 Salmon Sashimi – S$4.00

#1 Salmon Sashimi – S$4.00

Not bad! It taste similar across all the other Jap-Veg restaurants. However the soya sauce not sure if it’s personal but it tasted a little sweeter as per compared to other restaurants.

#2 Shitake Cream & Cheese – S$7.00

#2 Shitake Cream & Cheese – S$7.00

The kids love this because it’s a combination of their favourite food – Cheese and Mushroom. The cheese melts at the right temperature and the crisp was fried right. Not sure is this teriyaki sauce but everything just felt on point. On another note – this seems to be the hot favourite as I saw on the Cafe’s Facebook that many couldn’t get their hands on this dish as it was sold out at times.

#3 Ebi Tempura – S$7.00
#4 Mini Cheese Sausage Tempura – S$5.00
#5 Edamame – S$4.00

Sharanne loves all the tempura stuff and didn’t finish up the rice bowl that she ordered and went straight to the snacks. The mini cheese and prawns was her favourite, with the teriyaki sauce – it was a double yums!


#6 Tofunagi Maki – S$12.00

I must say this dish taste good. R ordered this and the crunch of the cucumber and vegetarian unagi seems to be the best match. The sauce and mayo amplified the taste and bring out the best.

#7 Somen in Hot Broth – S$9.00

For all the Udon fans, I’m so sorry! Because to be honest, I don’t see any of the udon dishes on their menu. Thus the noodle fanatic members of my family went for Somen instead. It tastes like the rice vermicelli though. Not too bad. The fish cake tastes okay but I’m not a mocked meat person so my views tends to be a little bias.

And in any case if you want to have a bite of the local dishes like Hokkien Mee and etc. The good news – they served it at the Cafe. 🙂

#8 Tofunagi Don – S$12.00

Without the crunch of the cucumber but was good in my opinion. I would love to try their Curry Don but it was out of stock when I went over on a Monday night time.

#9 Yangnyeom Monkey Head Mushroom Don – S$13.00

Sharanne ordered this. Took 2 spoons and passed it back to me. It tastes great, although I indicated less spicy I guess my tolerance for chilli is a little O_O. This would be ideal for those who take spicy food. By the way, this is served with breaded and deep-fried White Monkey Head Mushroom coated with a housemade sweet and spicy sauce atop a bed of Japanese rice with some side salad. Enticing right, spicy food lovers?

#10 Cereal Cream Tea – S$6.00

This is gooooooood. It tastes exactly like the Bubble Red Milk Tea. Haha! I heard this is one of the top picks over at their bar. Not sure what’s the content although I read through some reviews that they will serve warm milk and also soy milk (for the vegan friends?).

#11 Mocha – S$5.50
#12 Always Christmas Chocolate – S$6.50

I would pick Always Christmas Chocolate anytime over Mocha because the former one contains trace of mint. The mocha was done right.

#13 An Ji Bai Cha – S$5.00

No prizes for the right guess. Yes, this is my drink. I love white tea because of the anti-oxidants contents.

But nothing beats Wang San Yang Tea Merchant for their tea varieties. 🙂

Location wise.

To me, it’s quite convenient as there is direct bus from Hougang Bus Interchange and for those who drives, there are ample parking lots right at Blk 24 Hougang Ave 3. And in near future, minutes walk from (CR7) Defu MRT Station.

Food wise.

Not bad. But I feel the variety can be better. And given that it has just opened its doors, I believed it’s a matter of time that they will include more dishes. P.S: Please consider udon dishes. Hahaha.

Cost wise.

Reasonable for a cafe-tier pricing. Portion looks good and I didn’t break my bank just to fulfill my Japanese Vegetarian food cravings.

Verdict: Will definitely go again but with COVID-19 Phase 2 still in place, there is limited seating right now due to social distancing. Can’t wait for things to get better next year. I would love to try the Curry Don and will re-order the Shitake Cream & Cheese and the Cereal Cream Tea!

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Parenting Goals: An Escape Plan; Plan X

Recently, Shar-B started to request to go out with her BFFs and being a paranoid mum, I was soooooo fearful that she met nasty people or perhaps a paedo preying on people. However as part of growing up, I knew

And there’s nothing foolproof, I taught her this “Plan X” thing which I feel it’s useful to share with the parents out here. I chanced upon this amongst a Facebook post in the past.

Plan X – To get out of an uncomfortable situation with no questions asked.

I told Shar-B if she needs to get out of an uncomfortable situation with no questions asked, all she needs was to message me a “X” and I will call her immediately. If she didn’t pick up, I will type her a series of standard answers.

Shar-B: X

Mummy: Hey Shar, where are you? I need you to come back to handle an emergency situation. Where are you now? I will come pick you in a few minutes.

And if anyone were to ask, Shar-B would have said, “I’m not sure why but my mum wants me back now.”

I guessed being a parent – the act of worrying will last me till the end of the lifetime. I will not give chance to anyone to abuse/ make use of my daughters. I do not raise them up as such.

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2020, did not happen.

I wish.

It’s September 2020 and it seems like Year 2020 did not happen.

At least I would like this to be of a “milestone” instead of a “bottom neck”.

“Circuit Breaker” never exists in my dictionary, at least these two words were erased after I caught you during this period and days shy before I started my new role.

I did ask myself should I just forgo everything to rebuild the relationship.

In the end, I told myself that I did nothing wrong, why should I had to take on the blame then?

I had to pretend nothing happen and went on to live like a norm. At least, I wonder, is this the “new normal” to me?

It was 29 May 2020, I remembered.

Fast forward, I choose to forgive (and I can’t forget) and have to deal so many unnecessary stuff in my life out of a sudden – embracing your existence in my life. Sometimes I ask, did I forgive him or “I forgive myself”. I do not know.

Somehow or rather you decided that my confrontation ain’t harsh enough that you decide to take this inch closer. I ask myself – did I do the right thing by just talking to you nicely and even to the extend to forge a friendship.

Yet, some love all that attention and thrill, so be it. You can do anything but there is always a bottom line. My children is my bottom line yet you went beyond that. And I hope one day, you can look back at what you did.

To be honest, I’m tired of answering to people if I am fine. Because its obvious I am not.

Many things happened over the past few months and I had realised that nothing matters to me other than life and death moments.

And I just want to tell people out there who are nursing the heartbreak (s), you are not alone. I am here with you.

We shall not let ourselves down and put ourselves down. Live for the better, keep the chin up and we will create miracles and tons of success.


The people who mind, don’t matter and the people who matter, don’t mind

UPDATE (20 Sept)

So apparently, one decide to drop a comment and did not mask their IP address.

On another note, I did not blame you but the one who decided to harass my close kins and I can tell you I will never want/ love to put myself into this situation, FYI.

In this whole situation, I can only blame myself for all these. If only I have done better.

Remember, do not lose your cool and you can control your reactions to people.

Text me if you want to speak since you already have my number.

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I guessed time won’t heal, it’s more of who will be getting more insignificant as the days go by. I had this terrible feelings within me that talking to my friends can’t heal. Sometimes I wonder if I’m able to express myself. The wound is still fresh and I seriously hate the word “circuit breaker” and I’m pushing my limits to make my reactions smaller.

I totally believe in the word, KARMA and I starting to hate women who are out there, breaking people/ families apart. But, I hate cheaters more now.

I sometimes asked and doubted myself – what and where had gone wrong?

Chanced upon this post via Facebook and I’m stroke.







所以女人一定要好好愛自己 ,與其整天擔心男人出軌,不如好好裝扮自己,愛護自己~




Enough of grieving and start to be on track. Recently, there is this unknown hype for CHAINLINK $LINK that moved to Rank #5 after $XRP with a market cap of $5,611,269,745 USD. This fast rising crypto is definitely a must-watch especially during this bullish market.

Many had been asking what in exactly is $LINK? Basically it’s decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain and $LINK is a payment token in which users can use to pay for the services on this network.

I guessed this would be a good project that doubled up on the security and trust level among people using blockchain and reputable companies are using it. There is a huge potential behind all these as people start to digitize workflow and payments, moving towards a cashless world.

I would personally buy a little to accumulate some boost for near future as I believed the potential would be quite similar to Etherum. Buy a little won’t harm. 🙂

Trading via Coinhako. Visit my $FOLIO page to know more.

Healing, Heartbreaks

Sorry becos.

Because “you” got caught.

I wonder if I didn’t manage to find out, will you still be committing the mistake over and over again? You told me you are about to confess, ya right.

I guess you will still repeat the same shit mistake because it was a month of your stupidity and the times that you did me wrong cross the quota of the year, or maybe this lifetime.

More than 10 times, more than 1 pax.


This is bad. I’m getting triggered with all negativity. Even A don’t do shits to me. Why would you? On another note, I’m getting better with all the CSI skill sets and credits go to you. In this lifetime, these girls will always be the thorns in my heart.

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2 months passed and sometimes I do not know if I had indeed forgave or… I guessed time will heal and my reactions to it will get smaller and smaller towards it.

The constant flashback still remains vivid in my memory. At times I wonder, when will this ends. I genuinely hope that every female in this world would have the heart not to break any relationship/ family especially when kids are involved. No, wait, perhaps everyone should learnt that they should never cheat.

Never, cheat.

My buds, A and Big A told me that I should just moved on from all these nonsense afterall, if I can forgive for such audacious mistake, in near future, the limit bar would had been raised.

Feeling lost, confused and etc should not be a good reason to cheat. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASONS NO EXCUSES TO CHEAT (duh!).

Anyway I read, if one cheat and he returned to the 1st relationship, it could only meant, there were some fears that one chose not to be open about it.

Because of this, I am bias to a certain degree towards the co, towards a certain race, a certain type and a certain group of peeps. Good gracious, may time healed my bias.

I too, asked myself, what’s the basis of forgiveness and why did I choose to accept? There were too much irony in my actions too.

Went for a celebration on 9 August (it was supposed to be the anni) but there is a part of me knew that the date do not make sense to me anymore. Nothing made sense. There is no longer trust in me although I had to use extreme methods to make myself feel better.

Such hurt, such fear.

Healing, Heartbreaks, Rants


To be real honest, the constant flashback is a torture even till today, there is still this unspoken hurt lurking in the amosphere. A legit time bomb.

The fear of looking through the cellphone and see “that-type” videos in the gallery or in the deleted folders or accidentally chanced upon some flirtatious text messages pains me every single moment.

I can forgive but I cannot forget. Sometimes I wonder how can I ever move on from all these nonsense. Perhaps, time can and will heal. I asked myself if there are any ways to heal better.

Initially, I thought… Moving on together with the girls involved as a collective partnership would heal but every single conversation that the girls shared, details of the explicit acts triggered the sleepless nights. Yes, being kind to others, I ended up hurting myself.

Even BFFs shared that I should NOT have forged such an unique relationship with them. Because its just weird. Boundaries need to be drawn, clearly. Furthermore they are the ones who had stepped in without knowing much details and ruined the whole relationship/ family. This is the time I ponder about karma and wonder how would I react if my daughters are on the same end as the girls. What would I do?

Who’s to be blamed? The guy? The girls? Me? I started to question and doubt not just myself but my own capability to build things, my businesses, my reputation, my family, everything else except I failed in my own marriage/ relationship.

I kind of realised that the best way to heal is to approach the fear in me instead of avoiding it. Confidence will always outwin assholes and anyone else hands down.

To deal with the girls, to approach them, to understand the truth, to fix this info within me. To bring up this topic at every possible moment to HIM despite every single flashbacks.

Because one day, the reactions will get smaller and smaller and one day, I will be able to move on from all these, including HIM.