Circuit Breaker Day 02 aka #CBDay02


I woke up at 8.00am and prepared the girls for the HBL and guess what, there was a fair bit of cock-ups. Almost going insane and reminded me that it’s only Day 01 of HBL, and there would be more to go. In order to keep my sanity in check, decide to focus on mini-me and cooked brunch.

Menu of the Day: Marconi in “Fake Cabonara” soup with Instant Mushroom Soup & Cheesesticks. HAHA.

Snacking Time. O_O

Afternoon was a killer because the girls gave themselves a break way much earlier and they off school at “12pm” instead of the usual one. And this girl did not finish her work and went to make her chocolate milkshake. HELLO jiejie, at school can like that go canteen buy food as and when you like meh?

Side eye me when I want to snap a picture of evidence to complain to the whole. LOL

Bonding session begins with brunch and all. The girls decide to tell on to their teachers that they had to look after the babysister thus cannot be “online” while I worked. Legit reason but hello O_O.

And I had change one corner of the house to a chillax corner. HAHA, the girls will nap and etc. Example of the chillax that they can have their own screentime there.

Dinner was way much simpler with the “anyhow cook” theme.

Menu of the Day: Cooked a vegetable stew with bai cai, mocked prawns, watercress and tomato. Makan with rice.

Night time was a thought process that this reminded me it’s only Day 01 of HBL. Not sure if it’s a psychological effect but I’m still glad that I have these 28 days bonding with the kids. HAHAHA. Keeping sanity in check.

Decide to chiong her work before 2359 hours.

Okay – sleep, it, snack and repeat.

Amazingly, I had made big plans for these 28 days and just to share on a few things I want to achieve during this period;

  • UXUI for PB done
  • Settle my app development
  • Learn a new language as a family
  • Take my online coding class
  • Purchase my vehicle

And pushing my limits with everything else including social works such as Kampung North.


Circuit Breaker Day 01 aka #CBDay01

Today, 07 April 2020 marks the World Health Day however with the pandemic situation in Singapore, it also marks the unprecedented move of #CircuitBreaker by the Government, enforcing near to 75% workforce to work from home for 28 days, keeping them away and avoid every single one from traveling around to minimize and curb the community spread (importantly, flatten the curve).

And 08 April 2020 will be the start of students’ home-based learning and I wasn’t ready for it. Hahaha, the thoughts of it scared me but at the same time, I think I would quite enjoy this 1 month, pushing my limits for work (regain my discipline) and spending time with the little ones. Honestly, COVID-19 puts me in place again from all the buzz and hustling. And I don’t think I would have the chance to wake up to such sights in near future.

And I would love to document this journey as part of my time capsule inputs in the near future when I look back in a decade’s time.

So while the girls are still in school, I decide to prepare the battlefield for the next 1 month.

Shifted the sofa away and bring in the dinner table setting for the WFH & HBL sessions.

And also declutter the fridge and food cabinets by throwing the expired stuff away and “reformat” my cabinets as I stocked up in case some #CBkias decide to go out and the community spread went out of hands. *Praying that this day WILL NOT come but just in case.*

And I took the liberty to create a list on my “To-Do” on a daily basis. Hopefully, I keep this discipline.

Cooked my brunch for #CBDay01


#CircuitBreaker Day 01 Menu @ Brunch + Dinner

  1. White Porridge
  2. Steamed Mushroom Egg
  3. Stir-fried Xiao Bai Cai & Cheese Hotdogs

Joke aside, I went to Sheng Shiong to stock up the weekly groceries, the fresh produce and the milks. Was telling R that it was just for these few days because Rayshirl can finish the 2 cartons of milk within 1 day. Went to pickup the Macbook  (to get ready for the HBL) and picked the girls up, that’s the moment I realised — slave life is for me. HAHA.

My Little Boss snacking O_O
Dinner time and the sight that I will be facing for the next 28 days.

Evening was a breeze and night time was insane as I need to deal with all the preparation for the HBL and my work. Pushing the limits till the max but thank god, for snacks!

I also managed to create a telegram group for the Northies where a compilation of shared resources will be updated to them. Community genes game strong.

Did a video with Sharanne on her thoughts about HBL and staying AWAY from school and not stepping out for 28 days. Will try to post it up soon. Meaningful to see from the girls’ POV towards the Government measures to curb this COVID-19.

Worked my asses all the way till 3am and hopefully Day 02 will gets better as the day went by.










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Coinhako – My Favourite Crypto Trading Exchange Platform in Singapore.

Opinions are my own.

🙂 Just wanna share some insights.

Many had asked me to trade on all sorts of exchanges/ platforms from Binance > Coinbase > Biki and all but ever since Xfers did not continue their partnership with Coinbase. I went ahead and scouted and found a SGD pairing exchange –  Coinhako. But why Coinhako?

The answer is simple >
Easier to liquidate to/ via SGD and fuss-free to trade.

When I was with the Blockchain company, I used to trade via IDEX and I had to do coin swapping from IDEX then swap out to ETH/ BTC then from there cash out. During the process, I could have innocently spend unnecessary trading fees on gas/ admin and etc.

But on Coinhako, I would just need to Signup > Verify and Link up 2FA > Trade in SGD pairing > Cash out.

Supporting local companies is important and also the comfort trading in SGD.

Xfers supported up to S$5000 in the digital wallet (due to the Payment Services Act 2020) that you can link to Coinhako and trade. However if you are trading from Xfers wallet, the minimum spend is S$550 and transfer can be reflected within 5 minutes of a successful transfer.

Whereas if you trade from Coinhako wallet, minimum buy would be S$10 however depends on the $Crypto you are looking at. Deposits clearance is daily placed in at 10am/ 4pm respectively.

So in summary, good things about Coinhako:

  1. Pairing in SGD
  2. Fuss-free on the Banking & Liquidation Part (Link to SG Bank accounts/ Connect with Xfers)
  3. Local Enterprise #supportlocal with at least 5 years in this business
  4. Great Community via their Official Telegram Groupchat (It’s important to gain some quick insights if you don’t monitor the market and we HODL together.)
  5. Daily “Clock-in” Rewards when you logged into the App and Earn Points.
  6. Points can be offset for % in trading fee (normally 2-times usage of 25% off on trading fee @ 500 Coinhako Points)
  7. Refer-A-Friend and Earn-As-They-Trade
  8. Great UXUI – Price Charts and all.
  9. Once a while, they will organize some form of gatherings. Yay to free drinks~

Since the crypto market is now facing a little dip, I would take this chance to accumulate coins before BTC halving in May 2020.

Welcome to use my referral code: WILLYNN_576906


Check out my $Crypto Portfolio via the Folio tab above. 🙂

Trade well, HODL till it moons!

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Friday, 13th in $Crypto


Wah, all the stocks are down and including $Crypto. I miss the Ethereum bottom at SGD$135 as I had already went in the previous days on 11 and 12 Mar respectively at SGD$259 and S$272. Goodness and not sure if Friday, 13th or the speech that Trump gave shifted the market sentiment.

I just realised he will be speaking at 3pm US Time on 13 March again which is 4am SG Time on 14 March. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I just bought in LTC. Wtf.

I thought right now is a good time to earn my pocket money, not asking donations. #HODL peeps, we will get there. BTC Halving in 2 months’ time.

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Time of Crisis – Being a Socially Responsible Person.

Okay, Bitcoin is mooning (yay!), so are the 2019-nCoV cases. Over the past few days, many of my groupchats had been flooded with tons of videos/ messages of nCoV virus news, prevention tips and many more. However I notice a trend that suddenly, everyone become 鼠(su)per duper paranoid, overstoring of:

  1. Surgical Masks
  2. Sanitizers
  3. Dettol Wipes
  4. Alcohol Swabs

And it hit me real hard when my family members started to stop me from going to the mall near home due to suspected case surfacing. Even the paranoid-ness set in with my daughters and it placed me in a dilemma.

I wondered. What will happen to the economy? Ok maybe for the fact that that the purchases of the masks and etc will thrive but what about the others?

To be real honest here, I always feel that we just need to be socially responsible and not overly paranoid, to protect ourselves and to others especially during this time of crisis.

And how should we start?

  1. Do not hoard supplies of the above 4 mentions. Some people might need it more than us.

  2. When sick, do not go out and loiter. Stay home or minimize contacts with anyone. Wear a mask when stepping out.

  3. Practise good daily hygiene. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly. Avoid constantly rubbing of eyes.

  4. Avoid touching handle bars, grips, metal surfaces and then rubbed your eyes/ put it into the mouth. Please note this for the kids.

  5. Drink the daily Vitamin-C and plenty of plain water. Plain water help to flush out the “toxic”.

  6. EAT YOUR GREEN VEGETABLES and less of raw foods and do not go near livestock.

  7. Squeeze/ Cough into tissue paper and fold it in and dispose into the trash bins.

  8. LASTLY, do not spread FAKE NEWS. Get the latest updates from the Government sites. Otherwise sign up with Gov.Sg WhatsApp via: https://go.gov.sg/whatsapp

Take good care of the babies, young children and elderly as their immune systems are lower as per compared. Oh yes and pregnant mummies~

During this time of crisis, we need to really be socially responsible for the benefits of others. Because imagine, if we really hog the masks, practise all the good habits and etc, and someone really sick decide to go out to shop and then we kana. It’s seriously a wtf situation and don’t make any sense at all.

I do understand that everyone will argue about the 14-days pre-hibernation period that the virus might not be detectable but as long we practise the good habits, there is a good percentage that the virus might not spread like wildfire or maybe “killed” by the soap and all before it penetrated into our body/ immune system.

And it really saddened me that some of the people whom I know that needs the alcohol stabs for their medical condition is unable to purchase what they need due to OOS.

On another random note; Oranges are good source of Vitamin-C and thus I used the left over Mandarin Oranges to make fruit juices and ice pops to make sure the kids are well covered with Vitamin C and minimize outings for them.

Mandarin Orange Icepop! 🙂

Ironically, it made us more opportunities to bond together as a family nucleus, because the kids had already planned out what to cook for lunch/ dinner over the weekends as we will be “stuck at home”. Although many times when I passed by Orchard Central and all, there is NO/ lesser crowds.

My hearts goes out to the Business Owners, Patients, Kins of Patients, Frontline Personnels and the people in Hubei/ Wuhan – Bless you all.

Another lesson to remind that we must not take things for granted, heavily emphasized and validated by the Kobe Bryant’s case.